14. Oktober 2016

Rosowa Kapka - Dewdrops

  Tomaš Kappa -  on Cosmopolitan Sorbs in Lusatia Germany  

Tomaš Kappa gives insights into an almost unknown topic: Cosmopolitan Sorbs. Sorbs have survived more than one and a half thousand years in Germany and developed critical survival know-how. While German governments since the imperial era have been pursuing a policy of repression and condescending folklorization. Wilhelm Leibniz was also of Sorbian origin. Leibniz, with whom Newton vigorously competed for the interpretative authority in the fields of higher sciences. Leibniz, to whom the CICERO Magazine just recently dedicated a title story. Under the rather curious headline: "Leibniz, the smartest German". However, you can see the entire world in a single dewdrop, in a Rosowa Kapka, it is said ironically in Sorbian Lusatia.

Tomaš Kappa reads at
Lichtenberg College
9th of Dezember
Berlin Charlottenburg

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