15. Februar 2014

European Free Alliance condemns destruction of Lusatia

Tomas Kappa - Lusatia Declaration
European Free Alliance condemns destruction of Lusatia

NEWS RELEASE - Santiago de Compostela, Spain - The European Free Alliance (EFA) has condemned the destruction of Lusatia due to relentless open cast brown coal mining. The declaration was submitted at the EFA General Assembly in order to save the Sorbian settlement area. The Federal Government of Germany will be urged by EFA (www.e-f-a.org) to recognize the self-determination of the Lusatian Slavs.

The Lusatia Alliance ( Luzyska Alianca ) was accepted as a full member at this General Assembly in Santiago de Compostela. EFA is the European regional and minority party. The Lusatia Alliance is the first independent political body that represents the interests of Lusatia directly to EU institutions in Brussels.

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